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On June 15, 1219 there was a battle between the Danes and Estonians near the Toompea Castle. The mystical story of the origin of the Danish flag is related to the given battle. Danish supremacy was established in Northern Estonia, the king exerting his power through viceroys.

The Danish chronicler Petrus Olai wrote in the 16th century: “As the Estonians were about to defeat the Danes in the battle on June 15th 1219, God sent to the Danes a red flag with a white cross from Heaven under which the Danes could make the pagans flee.” There is also a historical connection between the town of Reval and Dannebrog (Danish flag), as until 1564 the coat of arms of Reval included a white cross on a red shield. The influence of Dannebrog is still evident even on the current small coat of arms of Tallinn.