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The first half of the 18th century was a difficult period in Reval. The Great Northern War in 1700-10 was followed by the plague epidemic and thus there was little opportunity for home improvement. At the beginning of the century, Peter the Great had forbidden the construction of stone houses, as stone material was needed for the building of the new city, Saint Petersburg. Thus, many of the houses were made of wood, especially outside the town walls, within the town walls the existing buildings were merely reconstructed. The situation enlivened again in the second half of the 18th century. Baroque was the dominant style of Reval also in the given century. Both manners and architecture were marked by fineness and refinement. We now have to opportunity to peek into an 18th-century home thanks to the inventory lists. The one composed of Johann Friedrich Herlin, Professor of Theology of the Reval Gymnasium, in 1756 reveals us the following: Professor Herlin had a flat in Pikk Street furnished among other things with a new walnut wardrobe with lockable double doors and three rows of drawers, a chest of drawers, a dozen chairs covered with red fabric, a large black framed mirror, a brazen tea tray, porcelain and silver teapots, a couple of red and white porcelain cups, a white delft bowl with a blue pattern and more. In addition also numerous books.