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Late Gothic buildings

Bishop’s House

Due to the northern climate, there are fewer murals on the facades in Tallinn than in warmer areas in Europe. Rare examples are the plaques on the façade of the Bishop’s House on the Old Market Square from 1530-1540. The pictures depict the four Evangelists, Holy Trinity and Christ as the saviour of the world.

Panels on the façade of the building at 1 Kuninga Street. The left endpost with the rose motif originates from the original porch.

Merchant’s house

Little is known of the furniture in a merchant’s house, however, most probably also contemporary items in the Renaissance style were used. Renaissance furniture from Northern Germany

Parcels have been packed, some of them already lifted onto the cart. The man with the stock book is sitting behind the desk, and although it is not set in Reval, it does give us an overview of the life most probably led in some of the merchant’s houses also here. However, only the interior featured in the engraving is not common to Reval.

16th-century interior

Although the picture depicts the birth of Mary, the given scene has been placed in a 16th-century interior. The dornse of a citizen of Reval could have been similar.


A cauldron has been hung over the three-legged pot (grapen) above the open hearth. Sunlight gleams through the lead-framed window, the cook is preparing a meal of a hare the size of which is strongly exaggerated by the artist…. It is the 16th century.