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Russian army uniform

During the Great Northern War, the Russian army uniform was still based on the French uniform. However, the coats were no longer only green, but the regiments came to be separated by blue, red and even grey coats. The green uniform became dominant in the Russian infantry only after the Great Northern War.

Military tactics and strategy in the 18th century.

The military tactics underwent no significant changes before the last quarter of the 18th century. The rigid linear tactics developed by 1700 was based on gunfire. The victory belonged to the one who had occupied the main enemy fortifications and larger territories. It was only the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars that finally came to replace the linear tactics with the column tactics and change the overall strategy: now the emphasis was on the destruction of the enemy masses.

Hartmann M1701 musket

The weapons were produced primarily in the Tula Arms Plant after the gun brought to Russia from Sweden by tradesman Hartmann. Calibre: 20–22 mm Range of fire: 80 m

Dutch gun from 1706

During the Great Northern War, Russia bought scores of guns from the Netherlands to supplement its stockpile of weapons.

Gun M1731

Calibre: 20 mm Range of fire: 80 m

Gun M1769

Calibre: 18 mm Barrel length: 104 cm Range of fire: 80 m

Sabre in about 1780

A cold weapon of a Russian infantryman.

Gun M1797

Calibre: 19 mm Length: 142 centimetres Range of fire: 80 metres