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Crucial century

In terms of the development of military equipment, the 20th century marks a pivotal change especially due to the two World Wars – never before had war technology or military equipment developed so quickly.

Browning automatic pistol

In 1900, Browning automatic pistols went into production. In the given model the magazine is inserted into the pistol handle.

Madsen light machine gun

In 1905, the Madsen light machine gun enabling more mobile automatic gunfire was first used in the Russo-Japanese war.

First World War

In 1914, the First World War broke out. The military forces of all developed countries wear greenish or grey camouflage uniforms. Machine guns come to be widely used – at the beginning of the war all countries have an approximately equal number of cannons and machine guns, by the end of the war the latter could be counted in hundreds of thousands.


In 1915, mortars, fighter aircrafts and bombers came to be adopted.


In 1916, tanks are included in military forces

Bergmann MP 18

In 1918, the submachine gun Bergmann MP18 constructed by Schmeisser is adopted in the military equipment. The given firearm combines the automatic fire with pistol cartridges while also being small and light enough for individual use.


In 1918, the navy adopts aircraft carriers.


In 1936, the US army underwent complete rearmament with M1 Garand semi-automatic rifles.

In 1939 the Second World War breaks out.

Sturmgewehr 44

In 1943, the assault rifle MP 43 (Sturmgewehr 1944) constructed for intermediate-power cartridges is adopted. Firing cartridges lighter than those of rifles and heavier than pistol ammunition, it thus enables the simultaneous replacement of non-automatic rifles and submachine guns.


In 1943, the cruise missiles V1 are invented.


In 1944, the ballistic missiles V2 are adopted, similarly reactive fighter planes and bombers.


In 1945, the nuclear weapon is constructed and the first nuclear bombs detonated.


In 1947, the Kalashnikov automatic assault rifle is constructed.


In 1955, the thermonuclear weapon is invented. The construction of submarines powered by nuclear reactor.


In about 1960, all modern armies are equipped with automatic firearms firing intermediate cartridges.


In about 1970, first the cavalry of the Soviet Union followed by France, Germany and USA come to be extensively supplied with armoured fighting vehicles.


In about 1980, the small-calibre automatic firearms begin to spread more widely.